HOW TO GET TO THE PARK - Park prirode Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje


“Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje” Nature Park has 77 entrances, of which 6 are the main entrances from the Croatian and Slovenian side at the following locations:

Gabrovica, Plešivica, Čunkova Draga, Vivodina, Novo Selo Žumberačko and Sveta Gera.


How to get to the Budinjak visitor center?

From the highway to Ljubljana, get off at the Bobovica exit (for Samobor and Bregana) and then follow the signs for Bregana. Before the small border crossing, turn left and go straight through Grdanjci towards the Gabrovica inn. At the fork, follow the right road and pass Stojdraga, Poklek and Novo Selo Žumberačko. You will soon arrive in Budinjak, where the center of the Public Institution is located at the beginning of the village.
The time distance from Gabrovica to Budinjak is 30 minutes by car.


How to get to the visitor center Sošice?

From the direction of Jastrebarsko, follow the main road to Krašić and continue straight to Kostanjevac. At the next fork, follow the left road to Sošice. The time distance from Krašić to Sošice is 30 minutes by car.

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