PARAGLIDING - Park prirode Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje


There are two registered and one unregistered terrains in the Park.
We give you basic descriptions and for every further information contact listed clubs and people.

REGISTERED FLYNG TERRAINS Japetić and Plešivica, the Samoborsko gorje


Category A1
Coordinates (WGS 84) N45°44’28’’ / E015°36’13’’
Wind direction SE-S-SW
Height 820 m.
Description Starting point is just below Mountaineers’ lodge Žitnica. Start is spacious and long so it is suitable for beginners.
Landing point Gorica Svetojanska
Coordinates (WGS 84) N45°42’54’’ / E015°35’56’’
Height 240 m.
Landing point description Landing point is in Gorica Svetojanska under the church and graveyard
Service provider Aero club Parafreek, Starogradska 15, Samobor

Contact Ivica Knežević, +385/98 906 90 51



Category A-B/1
Coordinates (WGS 84) N 45°44’16” / E 015°40’04”
Wind direction S-SW
Height 779 m.
Description Starting point is on the top of Plešivica. You come from northern or southern side on mounteneers’ trail.
Landing point Meadow south of the village of Plešivica
Coordinates (WGS 84) N 45°43’55” / E 015°40’28”
Height 200 m.
Service provider Klub slobodnog letenja (KSL), ŠD „Sutinska vrela”, Dvoriček 2, 10090 Zagreb

Contact Danko Petrin, +385/98 466 281

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