GENERAL - Park prirode Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje

The Nature Park is administered by the Public Institution “Žumberak – Samobor hills Nature Park” established by the decree of the Croatian government on 16th September, 1999.

Economic and other activities that do not jeopardize its crucial characteristics and purpose are allowed in the Nature Park – the Nature protection Act (NN 80/13).

The area of Žumberak and the Samoborsko gorje was designated a protected natural resource –by the Act of the Croatian parliament on 28th May, 1999.

Samobor hills; author: Romeo Ibrišević


It stretches over hilly and mountain area of southern slopes of Žumberak mountain and the Samobor hills
Area 333 km²
The highest peaks Sveta Gera 1178 m, Japetić 880 m
Administrative counties Zagreb count and Karlovac county
Towns Samobor, Jastrebarsko and Ozalj
Local administrative districts Žumberak, Krašić and Klinča Sela
Areas of special protection
⟩ Landscape of special importance – Slapnica near Krašić
⟩ Special woodland reserve – Japetić
⟩ Park–forest – Old Town of Okić with it’s surrounding area

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