MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION - Park prirode Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje

The Nature Park is managed by the Public Institution “Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje Nature Park” whose founder is the Government of the Republic of Croatia. PI was established by the Decree on the Establishment of the Public Institution “Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje Nature Park” on 16 September 1999 (OG 96/99). The bodies of the PI are the Management Board and Office of the Director.

The Management Board consists of five members. The members of the Management Board are appointed by the Minister.
Members of the Management Board of the Public Institution “Nature Park Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje” are:
⟩ Kristina Ljubojević, univ.spec.ecoing.,, president
⟩ Vladislav Brkić, PhD Sc. ing., member
⟩ Zoran Čogelja, PhD, member
⟩ Iva Antolić, M.Sc., member
⟩ Nikica Radić,, Member

The head of the Institution is the director appointed by the Minister.
Director of the Public Institution “Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje Nature Park”: Kristijan Brkić, prof.


The organization of the PI is regulated by the Ordinance on the internal organization and manner of operation of the Public Institution.
The institution performs its activity through three internal organizational units:
⟩ Service for professional work of protection, preservation, promotion and use of the Nature Park
⟩ Park Ranger Service
⟩ General and Joint Affairs Service



⟩ Katarina Husnjak Malovec, prof. biology – manager of professional department
⟩ Dubravka Kranjčević, MA in Biology – Head of the Eco – Center Budinjak
⟩ Lovorka Jakopec, MA in Agronomy – Senior Expert Advisor
⟩ Marko Trupković, MA in Soc. et Anthrop. – head of promotional activities

The Professional Department for the Protection, Preservation, Promotion and Use of the Nature Park performs professional tasks related to the protection, maintenance, preservation, promotion and use of the Nature Park, especially tasks related to the development of management plan and annual program and their implementation, landscape monitoring, living and non-living world in the Nature Park, care for protected cultural assets and capital investments, management of info-centers and other presentation points, as well as other appropriate professional activities.


⟩ Damir Otmačić, MA Forestry Engineer – Chief Ranger
⟩ Slavko Struna, MA – Park Ranger
⟩ Goran Grdinić – Park Ranger
⟩ Nikica Radić – Park Ranger
⟩ Domagoj Hodak – Park Ranger

The Park Ranger service performs supervision of the Nature Park according to the Nature Protection Act and the Ordinance on Internal Order in the “Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje” Nature Park. Service deals with protection, conservation and promotion of the Nature Park, planning, organizing and conducting educational activities, walks, environmental education of visitors and locals, care for the safety of visitors, cooperation with leaders of research and other projects, cooperation with owners and holders of real estate rights, supervision of permitted activities and actions within the Nature Park and care for maintenance of infrastructure facilities.


⟩ Alenka Kolarić – head of accounting
⟩ Danijel Horvat – workshop leader
⟩ Ankica Bašić – employee of type IV maintenance
⟩ Jasminka Radman – type IV maintenance worker

Service of general and joint affairs performs administrative, personnel, legal, financial, bookkeeping and accounting tasks and informatization tasks, as well as professional and technical tasks related to maintenance of facilities and equipment, vehicle maintenance, as well as other technical tasks as cleaning of business premises of the Institution .

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